4 simple guidelines for whatsapp groups

Since March of this year i.e. 2013, I have been in India, and I have realized how intense text’ing via phone can be. Most significant player is the whatsapp application on smartphones.

One can very easily form a community group using this app.  It’s an exciting idea to stay connected and virtually be social. I am part of multiple such groups. As time passed by, I learned what people in a group like most and dislike most. There’s commonality of these likes and dislikes across groups. Based on that experience, I have draft’ed 4 simple guidelines for the whatsapp group members, to help make the group more fun and enjoyable experience for all it’s members. Guidelines to make the group more like’able then dislike’able.

4 simple guidelines for whatsapp groups

  1. Express yourself in your own words
    We, as a society are being constantly bombarded by stuff that someone else thought and worked upon – TV, Movies, Ads, Hoardings etc. It’s lot of in-take. Lets not make our dear group an addition to the list. There should be something going out. Make your brain put in that small effort to express yourself. It simply boils down to – avoid forwards and express yourself in your own words!
    (This may turn out to be quite hard for those who absolutely have nothing else to kill their time other than forwarding messages around, across different groups)
  2. Only 1 forward on a given topic at a given time
    I totally get it. We get lots n lots of good forwards. Some of those forwards are so good, you might be convinced, sending those out to your friends would not just change the way they would spend their day, but change their life altogether for good! But please limit such forwards, to only 1! Multiple forwards on same topic, sequentially, not just pollutes the topic but in fact kills the interest of the reader and she/he won’t even bother to read ’em. And then you would miss out the noble opportunity to make a difference in your group members lives! That would be absolutely sad.
  3. Upto 3 forwards maximum, in a given day
    There are so many of us in a given group. For each member, lets limit ourselves to maximum of 3 forwards in a given day. For social well-being and to promote overall happiness in the group, it is important that one curbs the intense urge to forward 100s of messages. Instead one may only forward upto maximum 3, in a day.
  4. Punish offenders
    This guideline is for offenders. Each group should decide for itself, what would be the repercussions for those who offend the above 3 guidelines. It may turn out to be simple form of punishment like – every other group member curses the offender or maybe something milder like – the offender is banned from the group for a week (note: she/he may attain nirvana by then and never join back!)

Please Note
All above guidelines are *just* guidelines that my brain i.e. explicitly and personally mine, could come up with. I dedicate these guidelines for a good social cause. For a potential awakening, an enlightenment for, maybe a few. There is absolutely no intention of any kind of harm to anyone and no responsibility shall be taken in any case, if by following these guidelines some of your group members are unhappy and come after you for proposing it!

Enjoy whatsapp’ing…

4 simple guidelines for whatsapp groups