What newbie start-ups don’t want to learn from successful startups

It does sound surprising but it’s mostly true

Most of the successful startups are giants today. So whatever cool and crazy stuff they do, is attributed to their giant-ness, capacity i.e. they being very big can do all that funky stuff. Really? Is that definitely true? Maybe, they’ve always been doing funky stuff, pushing the boundaries, hence they are successful? Is it about ability or is it about capability?


Ability versus Capability
Ability versus Capability ?


The above image and the one below, I’ve linked are from a very interesting article. Yes, it takes efforts, to get out of comfort-zone, go that extra mile and achieve it. Who says success comes easy? Unless you are extremely lucky, in which case, it might be short-lived!


Comfort Zone
Comfort Zone


Startups should be nimble. It’s inherent and natural for them to be super flexible, re-define the norms, walk on that never before walked on path. In a way, I guess it means, newbie start-ups should not just be doing the best that’s already been done by other successful ones, but surpass them.


Well, based on above 2 graphs, that does mean:

successful start-up = [ ever changing, discomfortable, ever pushing can do and how-to boundaries ]

I do believe, if you – as an individual of a start-up or a start-up itself does fit in the above definition, chances of success are huge!

What newbie start-ups don’t want to learn from successful startups

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